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Frequently Asked Questions For Free Members
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How much money will I earn for clicking on one link?
For regular links, you will earn $0.003. For every 10 links, this equals three cents ($0.03). For 10-second timer links, you will earn $0.001. For every 10 links, this equals one cent. You can earn more money by referring other members to our program and receiving 30% of the earnings they make by clicking links. You can also earn by referring advertisings and earning a very generous 10% of their advertising purchase.

How much money will I earn from my referrals?
You will receive 30% of the earnings your referrals make on clicking links. This works out to $0.0009 for each regular link they click. If an advertiser makes a purchase from your referral URL, you will receive 10% of that purchase.

Which links will I receive credit for clicking?
Advertisers choose how many hits they would like to receive. If the circle beside a link is green, hits are remaining and you will receive credit after visiting for the required amount of time. Links with a red circle have expired. A grey circle means you have already visited that link. And a yellow circle means you are not logged in.

When and how can I cashout my earnings?
You must have at least $5.00 in your account to cashout your earnings. All cashouts are made via Paypal. You must have a Paypal account. You may cashout by clicking Cashout in the Member Area at any time as long as these conditions are met.

How long does it take to get paid?
If all cashout requirements are met, your payment will be sent within 24 hours.

Where is your upgrade package for members?
Up until April of 2010, we didn't offer an upgrade package. Due to the high advertising demand for confirmed buyers, we now offer an extremely affordable premium membership option. Click the Premium Upgrade link in the Member Area to purchase. This is completely optional.

Why can't I buy referrals?
In order for us to stay in business, we need more members! If no one is actually promoting our site and people just "buy" referrals, our program will eventually fail. To get referral credit, you will actually have to refer someone.

I have already signed in. Why do I keep getting an error about my username and password not being entered correctly?
This most often occurs if you have opened LinkGrand in more than one window. Our system keeps track of you by each link you click. So clicking in a new window will log out the first one. Clicking back or refreshing a window will also cause you to be logged out. Always look for a 'Click here to continue' link or something to that effect to remain logged in.

I can't confirm my email address. What is going on?
This is a one-time step that is required of us to comply with anti-spam laws. First, make sure your email provider is not blocking our email to you. If you have just signed up and have not received our welcome email within 30 minutes, more than likely our email was blocked. If this is the case, log into your account, click on "Account Settings" and use an alternate email address. If you need to request that a new confirmation link be emailed to you, log into your account and click "Account Settings". There you will find instructions to requesting a new link. If you have received the email and receive an error that the confirmation link is not correct, consider the following: (1) You must use the exact link that is emailed to you. If you copy-and-paste it incorrectly, it will not work; (2) Only the last confirmation link emailed to you will be valid. If you have requested more than one link, all others are void except for your last request.

Why am I receiving an error about having the same IP as another user? I don't have two accounts, please help.
Because of the nature of our site, extra security measures have to be taken. An IP check is required so that cheaters cannot signup and use multiple accounts. Sometimes this will also block legitimate users, as it is possible to be given the same IP as someone else. If this is happening to you, please wait a few hours and then try again. We cannot make any exceptions and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Just WHY is your site so successful?
You mean you can't tell? :) It's because we deliver on what we promise! Period.

I have an advertiser question.
We have a seperate help page for advertisers found here.

If you have any other questions, you may contact us. - Providing Quality affordable Rotator Advertising for you! Need more sales & referrals? Are you looking for Cheap Advertisements for your site? Here's how!

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